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Winter 23/24

13.02.2024 – The Legalize it! 101 is in print

Yesterday, we sent the 101st edition of our association magazine Legalize it! to the printers. The content mainly consists of the annual report and the 2023 annual financial statements as well as the minutes of our 2024 annual asscociation meeting at the end of January. Packaging is scheduled for March 1, and the new issue will reach our members around a week later.

We can still use a few more nimble hands: If you would like to help with the mailing, please get in touch!

06.02.2024 – New dates for our member meetings

We hold a meeting for our members about once a month. We don't usually have a fixed list of topics that we work on. It's more about an informal exchange.

However, our first meeting in 2024 on February 16 will mainly be about vaping: We will have both devices and experienced vapers on site and will provide an insight into this interesting form of consumption. If you are interested, please register, as space is limited.

Our next dates: March 22, April 19, May 3 and June 21

30.01.2024 – Our association meeting 2024 has taken place

We held our 2024 association meeting on January 26. We reviewed the 2023 annual report and adopted the annual financial statements. Our current board of directors was confirmed for another year. We are currently finalizing the minutes of the meeting. We will publish all the details in the Legalize it! 101, which will reach our members at the beginning of March. It was a pleasant meeting and we had a lively exchange of ideas. We look forward to the 34th year of our association!

23.01.2024 – Saddle fit in English?

We are looking for one or two active people to check the translated pages for our websites in English. Are you fluent in English? Do you like working on and with the language? Are you not afraid of a few defined legal terms? Do you have a few hours every three months to help improve the new pages? Then please get in touch!

16.01.2024 – Experiences in the pilot project

As part of the Zurich cannabis pilot project “Züri Can”, we are allowed to sell products containing THC. Since the end of August 2023, we have sold 4.5 kg of weed and hash at our Hanfstübli. We were able to distribute 900 packs to our almost 100 study participants. In relation to the entire (black) market, this is of course almost nothing. However, we have gained a wealth of experience through interviews with interested parties, the entire process up to the issue of study ID cards, orders for goods and the track & trace system used to monitor distribution.

And of course also about the appearance, smell, effect and evaluation of the currently eight, soon nine varieties that we are allowed to offer. Such projects are now running in several cities or will start in the foreseeable future. We believe that participation is a unique opportunity to obtain controlled and tested goods and thus gain experience for possible legalization. What do we want: which products, which supply options, what should the relationship between freedom and control be? The more concrete experience many people gain, the more concretely we can campaign for this.

09.01.2024 – What will the new year bring?

We hope you have arrived safely in the new year. Our secretary Sven can now be reached by phone again on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon. What's coming up in the first half of 2024?

  • The Executive Board is currently preparing the 2023 annual financial statements and finalizing the annual report.
  • Our club meeting will take place on January 26 and will deal with these figures and events. Members are welcome to register.
  • Four more issues of our magazine Legalize it! are planned (No. 101 in March, 102 in June, 103 in September and 104 in December).
  • We are curious to see whether the sub-commission will come forward with concrete proposals for legalization or whether it will brood quietly for another two years.
  • We absolutely want home cultivation to be free, regardless of whether greater decriminalization comes about. This minimal freedom must just be! We are in the process of formulating this point in detail.
  • The 2023 hemp prosecution statistics will be published at the end of March and we are curious to see whether the decline in prosecution continues, i.e. whether the number of prosecutions has fallen further.
  • We are still very interested in documents on repression (summary penalty orders, protocols) and reports of experiences.
  • The CannnaTrade hemp trade fair and festival will take place from May 24 to 26. One topic will certainly be whether Germany has effectively decided something by then. Or was it all just talk? We are really looking forward to it!

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