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Many people use THC-containing products as medicines or stimulants. But hash and weed are still illegal. That is why THC-users face a variety of problems. We from the association Legalize it! help people who use THC products with legal questions. For this purpose we offer personal consultations and written information.

We follow the political development about hemp in Switzerland and publish our assessments. Ultimately, we want to achieve the complete legalization of hemp - even if the road there will still be long.

You can reach our main topics via the six points in the navigation at the top of the page (or in the hamburger menu on your cell phone). The quick navigation leads to the respective sub-topics of a main topic (here to the latest news from our association, the prosecution and politics). Below you will find all current information from our association Legalize it!


21.10.2021 - Health committee of the Council of States supports legalization!

Parliamentary Initiative National Coun­ci­lor Heinz Siegen­thaler's parliamentary initiative has taken another step forward: The health commission of the Council of States follows its sister commission and also supports a legalization of cannabis. A draft decree will now be drafted within two years.

More details can be found in the Press release of the Cannabis Consensus association and on our page on the parliamentary initiative.

10/10/2021 - Cannabis pilot project: waiting list now open!

cannabis_auf_tisch.jpeg A good 80 members of the Legalize it! association residing in the city of Zurich have received an invitation from us to sign up on the waiting list for our planned Cannabis Social Club.

From autumn 2022, at least some of our members would be able to legally acquire and consume cannabis.

Those who reside in the city of Zurich and would like to join the waiting list are welcome to do so here. Even those who are not yet members of the association Legalize it! can sign up.

28.09.2021 => Autumn break office 4. to 31. October

Fall Break The office will be in vacation mode from October 4 to 31: it will be staffed on Thursdays and Fridays in the afternoon, otherwise we can be reached mainly by e-mail.

As of November 1, we will be available again as usual (Mon/Thurs/Thurs/Fri, afternoons).

We wish you all nice autumn days!

14.09.2021 - Pilot project in the city of Zurich becomes more concrete

News: Pilot test Today it became known how the planned pilot trial in the city of Zurich will proceed.
In a joint media release, the city, the Psychiatric University Hospital and the pharmacy network announced further information on how the effects of regulated cannabis sales will be researched in a three-and-a-half-year study starting in the fall of 2022.
See also article on srf.ch and further info from the city of Zurich.
You can find more info on pilot trial withus.

08.09.2021 - Shipping Shit happens 14 & Update Wiki

Shit happens 14 Over the summer, we updated our legal aid brochure Shit happens and made some clarifications here and there. Now the 14th edition has been published and our members have received it via fall mailing.

The brochure is also available as a PDF in our wiki: Shit happens, Edition 14, Summer 2021. In addition, we have updated the THC&Law section of our wiki according to the changes in the brochure.

08.09.2021 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 91 is online

Legalize it! No. 91 from summer 2021 is online We have pdf'd another issue of our magazine Legalize it! This is Issue 91now available for Issue 91 download both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of politics, justice and culture.

The winter issue (#92) of December will still be reserved for our members.
Become a member, so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) - in this way you make our activities possible and support the association. Legalize it !

30.08.2021 - Merci for the support!

Thank you very much: Once again we were able to overcome a financial cliff. A big thank you to everyone who helped with the 2021 major gift collection! Now we can tackle the next quarters and projects. We are very happy about this and hope to be able to count on your continued support.

12.08.2021 - Revision of the pages on THC and law

In August, we are bringing several posts up to date that we have revised in the course of producing the 14th edition of our legal aid brochure Shit happens. We ask for your understanding that this cannot be done in one day. We should be able to make the adjustments by the end of August. The mailing of the new brochures is then planned for the beginning of September.

05.08.2021 - Major gifts collection 2021

Our members received the membership mailing this week. In order to overcome the next financial cliff and build a foundation for the next months, we ask in it for large donations. Until the end of August we need to find at least 5'500 francs to continue. It's always a tight squeeze, but we hope we can overcome this hurdle as well!

06/30/2021 - Online survey prior to pilots: Product preferences and prices

Product preference and price survey The Universities of Basel and Zurich conduct an anonymous Online survey survey (duration approx. 3 min.) to find out the preferences of potential study participants. How much do people consume? How much money do they want to spend on THC products? Is hash or weed preferred? What about price expectations?

In order to have better information for the upcoming start of various projects in autumn, it would be good if as many people as possible would indicate their preferences and ideas by means of this survey - this way, the offer and prices could correspond to the customers' wishes as much as possible already at the beginning of the projects and would not have to be constantly adjusted at the beginning.
You can find more information on pilot tests

01.05.2021 - National Council Commission waves through Parliamentary Initiative

At its meeting on April 28, the National Council's Commission for Social Security and Health(SGK-N) approved Heinz Siegenthaler 's parliamentary initiative(media release).
Now the business goes to the parliamentary commission and a years-long process begins - outcome uncertain.
You can find more information on Parliamentary Initiative

23.04.2021 - National Council Commission examines Parliamentary Initiative

According to the meeting schedule (page 2), the National Council's Commission for Social Security and Health(SGK-N) is to deal with the parliamentary initiative (20.473) by Heinz Siegenthaler (Die Mitte) on Wednesday, April 28. This had already been submitted in September 2020.
You can find out more about this at Parliamentary Initiative

13.03.2021 - Medical hemp: Council of States unanimously in favor

Already on March 8, the Council of States unanimously followed the variant of the National Council in the debate on medicinal hemp(media release). Thus, the business is now ready for the final vote, which should pass without any problems.
You can find more information on medical hempat

02/12/2021 - Harmless stoners criminalized: Amsterdam 🇳🇱 back to the stone age

Amsterdam back to the stone age Amsterdam's mayor Femke Halsema has presented a proposal under which only residents of the Netherlands would receive a so-called “Wiet-Pas…

You can find more details in our statement.

06.01.2021 - Hemp no longer in the catalog of varieties and report on THC in the blood and driving.

Since 2021 hemp is no longer listed in the variety catalog and thus all hemp varieties that remain below 1% THC can be freely distributed. More information can be found at the Federal Office for Agriculture.

An interesting report from the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the University of Basel on the subject of THC in the blood and driving ability/ability to drive. However, we would like to point out: This is a discussion paper and not yet implemented in current law!

Fact sheet THC limits (short version), report THC limits (45 pages).

16.11.2020 - Our website in a new look

We have renewed the appearance of our wiki and also redesigned the navigation. Many thanks to Michael for the programming! Now it's our turn to click through our pages and still make improvements here and there. If you notice something, we are glad about a message!

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