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Many people use THC containing products medicinally or recreationally. But hash and weed are still illegal. Therefore, THC users face a variety of problems. We, the Legalize it! association, help people who use THC products with legal questions. For this purpose we offer personal consultations and written information.

We follow the political development surrounding hemp in Switzerland and publish our evaluations of it. Ultimately, we want to achieve the complete legalization of hemp - even if the path there remains long.

Our main topics can be reached via the six headings in the navigation at the top of the page (or in the hamburger menu on your cell phone). The quick navigation leads to the respective sub-topics of a main topic (here to the latest news from our association, the prosecution and politics). Below you will find all current information from the Legalize it! association.


09.04.2024 – Germany: initial findings

aktuell_150210_zoom.jpg As mentioned last week, Germany is making some changes to the way it deals with cannabis. However, the cultivation clubs planned from July will only be available to members with a German residence (stores are not provided for in the current law).
We advise against simply taking your own «material» across the border in order to consume it «legally» in Germany – import and transit is and remains illegal (freiburger-nachrichten.ch).

German customs already clearly stated this on its website on April 1: «In contrast, the import, export and transit of cannabis remains prohibited and is punishable by law.» Or also: «Customs therefore expressly warns consumers against importing cannabis purchased abroad into Germany in order to avoid criminal consequences.»

So, for the time being, (almost) everything remains as it was for users from Switzerland with regard to Germany – namely illegal!

⇒ Addendum from April 10: Cannabis: Hemp friends warn against stoner trips to Germany (nau.ch)

02.04.2024 – New regulation of cannabis in Germany

Since yesterday, our neighbors in Germany have had new rules for cannabis and its consumption (tagesschau.de, watson.ch, srf.ch, legal text). However – and we have already had quite a lot of experience with this in Switzerland – it will take a few years for the new situation to really «solidify» in everyday life. In the meantime, a lot can still happen – or not. Aside from a new government, for example, local law enforcement agencies are also likely to play an important role, as they are on the front line and responsible for the actual implementation.
Here in Switzerland, it took ten years and various federal court rulings before the handling of the fixed penalties and small quantities was really clear to everyone and implemented in line with the legislators' intentions. But as life goes, the fixed penalties had lost importance in the meantime anyway and their number has not even been published by the Federal Statistical Office since last year.
But for now, we are happy for our brothers and sisters in Germany and hope that the new approach can ease the knotty situation with cannabis somewhat. However, it will take a while for people to leave decades of repression behind them – and as soon as this is achieved, something else will probably apply again. We will stay tuned and report on this.

26.03.2024 – Reduced opening hours in April

Agenda & Activities We are taking a few days' vacation until April 26: Our secretary needs some rest.

But our office is open every Friday (April 5, 12, 19, 26) and then we can also be reached by phone.

We wish everyone happy spring days! Afterwards we will be back in the office as usual on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

19.03.2024 – Facilitation for medicinal hemp

We have revised our page on hemp in medicine. Since August 2022, an exceptional license is no longer required for the prescription of medicines containing THC.

However, doctors still rarely issue prescriptions for such preparations. The cost of these drugs is very high due to all the regulations. The health insurance companies do not have to reimburse such preparations either, so patients usually have to pay for them themselves.

We would like to present such a prescription process with as many details as possible: Personal experience, copies of the documents, prices of the medication, if necessary also clarification of fitness to drive. We can anonymize the documents before publishing them. If you have had such experiences or know someone who has, please let us know.

06.03.2024 – Magazine Legalize it No. 101 has been published & No. 100 is online

Our members are currently receiving the latest issue 101 of our magazine Legalize it!
The spring issue contains – as has been the case for a long time – mainly the annual report and financial statements of the past year. We will make the complete magazine available as a PDF from June.
Become a member so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) – you make our activities possible and support Association. Legalize it!

Legalize it No. 100 from winter 23/24 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! as PDF. The anniversary edition 100 is now available for download, both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of politics, culture and the scene. The current issue (#101) is still reserved for our members.

05.03.2024 – Another initiative written off

As expected, the National Council today rejected the initiative of the canton Solothurn to legalize cannabis.

A sub-committee has already been working on this issue for over two years. The initiative was intended to support this process.

It is truly incredible how many initiatives, discussions and reports on the subject of hemp legalization have already been collected: You can find an overview here.

So a lot is being said and written. But the cannabis ban is still in force and the sub-commission has not yet published a proposal for a new legal text. It would really be appropriate to take at least one concrete, small step now. We have a proposal for minimal freedom.

27.02.2024 – CannaTrade 2024 in May

CannaTrade 2024 from May 24 to 26 In three months, the legendary Swiss hemp trade fair CannaTrade will be over again!

From May 24 to 26, we will once again have the opportunity to explore and experience pretty much everything that has to do with hemp.

This year, the trade fair will once again take place in Hall 622 right next to Zurich-Oerlikon railroad station – making it extremely easy to reach by public transport.

In addition to the numerous stands of exhibitors from all over the world, there will once again be a spacious open-air chill-out area with a wide range of culinary delights. There will also be a rich supporting program again this year, covering a wide range of interests. The Joint Roll Contest and the CannaSwissCup are just two of many events, including lectures and panel discussions (details to be announced).

We are already looking forward to three unforgettable days on the subject of hemp!

20.02.2024 – Half a year of Hanfstübli

Our cannabis pilot project has got off to a good start and we can draw a positive conclusion for the first six months. In total, we have sold over 5 kilos of weed flowers and hash (in over 1,000 packs).

We are pleased that most of the products have been well received by us and the participants. We are looking forward to the next selection and harvest for the less successful products.

We would like to thank our current 100 or so participants for their good cooperation and are already looking forward to the remaining 50 latecomers (we still have free places!).

Since we were unable to find a consumption room, we are planning to hold some events instead.

13.02.2024 – The Legalize it! 101 is in print

Yesterday, we sent the 101st edition of our association magazine Legalize it! to the printers. The content mainly consists of the annual report and the 2023 annual financial statements as well as the minutes of our 2024 annual asscociation meeting at the end of January. Packaging is scheduled for March 1, and the new issue will reach our members around a week later.

We can still use a few more nimble hands: If you would like to help with the mailing, please get in touch!

06.02.2024 – New dates for our member meetings

We hold a meeting for our members about once a month. We don't usually have a fixed list of topics that we work on. It's more about an informal exchange.

However, our first meeting in 2024 on February 16 will mainly be about vaping: We will have both devices and experienced vapers on site and will provide an insight into this interesting form of consumption. If you are interested, please register, as space is limited.

Our next dates: March 22, April 19, May 3 and June 21

30.01.2024 – Our association meeting 2024 has taken place

We held our 2024 association meeting on January 26. We reviewed the 2023 annual report and adopted the annual financial statements. Our current board of directors was confirmed for another year. We are currently finalizing the minutes of the meeting. We will publish all the details in the Legalize it! 101, which will reach our members at the beginning of March. It was a pleasant meeting and we had a lively exchange of ideas. We look forward to the 34th year of our association!

23.01.2024 – Saddle fit in English?

We are looking for one or two active people to check the translated pages for our websites in English. Are you fluent in English? Do you like working on and with the language? Are you not afraid of a few defined legal terms? Do you have a few hours every three months to help improve the new pages? Then please get in touch!

16.01.2024 – Experiences in the pilot project

As part of the Zurich cannabis pilot project “Züri Can”, we are allowed to sell products containing THC. Since the end of August 2023, we have sold 4.5 kg of weed and hash at our Hanfstübli. We were able to distribute 900 packs to our almost 100 study participants. In relation to the entire (black) market, this is of course almost nothing. However, we have gained a wealth of experience through interviews with interested parties, the entire process up to the issue of study ID cards, orders for goods and the track & trace system used to monitor distribution.

And of course also about the appearance, smell, effect and evaluation of the currently eight, soon nine varieties that we are allowed to offer. Such projects are now running in several cities or will start in the foreseeable future. We believe that participation is a unique opportunity to obtain controlled and tested goods and thus gain experience for possible legalization. What do we want: which products, which supply options, what should the relationship between freedom and control be? The more concrete experience many people gain, the more concretely we can campaign for this.

09.01.2024 – What will the new year bring?

We hope you have arrived safely in the new year. Our secretary Sven can now be reached by phone again on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon. What's coming up in the first half of 2024?

  • The Executive Board is currently preparing the 2023 annual financial statements and finalizing the annual report.
  • Our club meeting will take place on January 26 and will deal with these figures and events. Members are welcome to register.
  • Four more issues of our magazine Legalize it! are planned (No. 101 in March, 102 in June, 103 in September and 104 in December).
  • We are curious to see whether the sub-commission will come forward with concrete proposals for legalization or whether it will brood quietly for another two years.
  • We absolutely want home cultivation to be free, regardless of whether greater decriminalization comes about. This minimal freedom must just be! We are in the process of formulating this point in detail.
  • The 2023 hemp prosecution statistics will be published at the end of March and we are curious to see whether the decline in prosecution continues, i.e. whether the number of prosecutions has fallen further.
  • We are still very interested in documents on repression (summary penalty orders, protocols) and reports of experiences.
  • The CannnaTrade hemp trade fair and festival will take place from May 24 to 26. One topic will certainly be whether Germany has effectively decided something by then. Or was it all just talk? We are really looking forward to it!

The Federal Council's report is 100 pages long and provides a comprehensive overview of the legal situation regarding the various hemp products. It also discusses possible new approaches, both for products that are already legal and for hemp as a stimulant. Anyone wishing to delve deeper into this topic will find a good basis here.

However, the report contains one error: adult consumers are not only punished with a “fixed penalty up to 300 francs”, but either with a fixed penalty over 100 francs (if the consumption was detected directly by the police) or they are reported (if more than 10 grams are seized, plants were cultivated or multiple consumption is to be punished). And then it can quickly cost 500 francs, or even a few thousand francs in larger cases!

01.09.2023 => How do we handle data?

We have summarized in an understandable way how we handle data. You can find our current Data Protection Policy at the bottom of each page (together with the Imprint and our Cookie Policy).

24.07.2023 => Federal Court: Small amount cannot be confiscated!

The Federal Court's media release today is clear: anyone who acquires and possesses 10 grams of cannabis for their own consumption is not only exempt from punishment, but can also keep this amount. The police may not confiscate it (unless they also observe the consumption, in which case they may seize the material and issue a fixed penalty for 100 francs ). We will now analyze the exact text of the verdict. Afterwards, we will follow whether all cantons and also the customs will adhere to this Federal Court ruling and change their practice.

Since 2013 we have written this again and again, since the 9th edition of our legal aid brochure Shit happens. After four years the Federal Court made clear: a not punishable quantity cannot be punished. Now it is clear: this quantity cannot be confiscated either. It is a great satisfaction to be confirmed by the Federal Court after ten years!

Text of the federal court decision (in German)

14.06.2023 – Shit happens 15 as a foldout, our overview of THC & law in Switzerland

Shit happens 15 from summer 2023 is online Over the past few months, we have completed the latest edition of our overview of THC & Law in Switzerland. This edition replaces our brochure, which we last published in 2021.
Now, for the first time, it comes as a 12-page foldout – with the most important key points on THC & Law. On each page there is at least one link to find further information about the corresponding topic in our wiki on hanflegal.ch.

Our members have already received a copy in the June mailing – but the new issue can either be downloaded as PDF or ordered on paper for a fee.

Even after all these years, we hope of course that no one will have to use the information from our Shit happens and the wiki, but the legal consultations and the numbers show that in Switzerland still dozens are reported every day for handling cannabis. Shit happens just… and for these cases we still recommend to remember the most important key points – so that everyone is prepared in case it does happen.

22.09.2022 – New summary penalty orders / documents 2022

The discussions about legalization and regulation of the cannabis market are interesting and important. But we would like to point out once again: These are discussions. In force is the same sharp narcotics law as it has been for years. Police forces and public prosecutor's offices also apply it! We have again put some examples of repression online. Here you can find the first summary penalty orders and documents from 2022 we received. More will follow… If you or someone you know has received such documents, we are always interested in receiving a copy.

04/02/2022 - Legalization: possibilities and a beautiful variant

Bundeshaus We are asked the question again and again: When will cannabis become legal in Switzerland? This question is usually only aimed at the time dimension (yes, it will still take some time).

But what exactly does “legal” actually mean? As soon as cannabis is not completely forbidden, as soon as there is a permitted use, one can speak of “legal”. But what does this legal use look like in practice, and what areas does it cover? For example, are only farmers allowed to cultivate cannabis with a special permit, or are private individuals also allowed to do so? And are private individuals allowed to sell their harvest to friends? Or where is it allowed to consume? Only in private, or also in public?

There are many such questions of detail, and all can be regulated from liberal to restrictive. So before legalization can take place, society must agree on how to regulate the various issues.

On hanflegal.ch/legalization we present on some new pages first the bandwidths of the regulation possibilities as well as a concrete beautiful variant of legalization. We are happy to receive feedback.

You can find the archive of all contributions in the section Association.

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