Summary penalty orders 2022

Non-acceptance order Baselland

A rather rare case: The 12 hemp seeds were classified as minor and so the public prosecutor did not open proceedings. This is how it should always be, but this is still the exception!


Summary penalty order Ticino because of import

About 20 grams of cannabis resin for own consumption were ordered. The penalty includes a fine of 300 francs and fees of 200 francs.


Summary penalty order because of hemp seeds

Five hemp seeds were already ordered in 2021, the summary penalty order then came only in September 2022. A usual punishment: 200 francs fine, 209 francs fees.


Summons Youth Advocate Zurich

Young people in particular are often persecuted. They are often outside and consume in public places. This makes them an easy target for the police. Then the parents are informed and the young people are summoned. Often, the parents then contact us. I always recommend discussing consumption behavior with the young people: Consuming at the station is simply a bad idea. Also, many young people are not aware that they will never get a driver's license this way…


Summary penalty order Altstätten because of hemp seeds

The defendant personally wanted to bring 16 hemp seeds across the border. But the hiding place in the car was found. So there is a report. In such cases it is common that a deposit is required. Here the summary penalty order to it:


The tone is rather sharp: this time there is still a fine for a contravention (200 francs fine, 200 francs fees), but next time we will do more (criminal prosecution for a misdemeanor). The deposit is deducted. However, the road traffic office will be informed.


Waiver Zurich for hashish

The person concerned had ordered three grams of hashish. But customs opened the envelope and forwarded it to the cantonal police. The latter wants a waiver before dropping the proceedings. The proceedings should be discontinued because the procurement of less than 10 grams of cannabis for personal consumption is exempt from punishment.


Summary penalty order Wallis because of purchase

Here, a seller was caught and subsequently various buyers were questioned by the police. This is the summary penalty order of one buyer. The many redactions were necessary because of the involvement of various people. Whether she bought for 100 or hundreds francs is actually not decisive. What is decisive is that she purchased the weed for her own consumption. For this there is a fine of 300 francs and fees of 200 francs. By the way, this kind of thing happens all the time: A dealer is caught, then you follow up on the contacts in the cell phone or text messages and summon all contacts to the police station for interrogation.

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