THC & Law

Most of the time nothing happens when someone smokes joints, grows hemp plants or deals. Therefore, the THC consumption often goes off without a hitch. But this activity is still forbidden. When the police and prosecutor find out about it, they quickly realize that the Narcotics Act is a tough law. Already the consumption is forbidden - and yet is still punished. The import of some hemp seeds can even lead to a house search. Those who deal may even be remanded in custody.

20,000 people were prosecuted by the police in 2022 because of hemp. In addition, there are many driver's license withdrawals because of suspected drug addiction. It is really important to inform yourself before you suddenly find yourself in criminal proceedings. Because just the first statement is the central element for the later punishment.

On seventeen long pages we have summarized here the most important points about the legal situation of hemp in Switzerland. We know it is heavy fare, but we recommend that everyone start dealing with this unpleasant reality. Preferably before an emergency occurs.

Then you can take the necessary time for the different topics. You can find the beginning in our introduction and overview.

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Legal overview

Shit happens 15 (Summer 2023)

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