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Variant of legalization: "The beautiful solution".

Our legalization variant contains the central points that need to be clarified from the consumer's point of view in the event of legalization, and how we would regulate them. In doing so, we are guided by solutions from other countries.

Our variant thus shows a concrete path through the map of legalization possibilities.

We will measure initiatives and proposals against our variant - and perhaps we could even use it to build a variant that is capable of gaining a majority. After all, legalization ultimately requires a majority of the parliament, the voters and - depending on the circumstances - also of the cantons.

The Sotomo report "Attitude legalization and regulation cannabis" (July 2021) suggests that the majority of the Swiss electorate is for the first time in favor of a legalization of cannabis.

Published by Michael in March 2022.

Guiding principles

  1. The black market should become unattractive.
  2. Consumers and those affected by the effects of consumption should be protected.
  3. Freedoms such as the freedom to grow, and culture around smoking pot should be restored and recreated.

Part 1: Cultivation

Private individuals should be allowed to grow cannabis themselves, without quantity limits.

Quality standards apply to commercial cultivation or importation.

More details: → Variant Part 1: Cultivation

Part 2: Sale / Transfer

All forms of cannabis should be allowed to be sold privately, not only in special stores, without quantity limits, to adult customers (both residents and tourists), at market prices.

In the private environment, distribution and private sale must be allowed.

More details: → Variant Part 2: Sale

Part 3: Consumption

Cannabis should be allowed to be consumed everywhere, without quantity limits. However, it is best to use it in a way that is as healthy as possible, not in the vicinity of minors and in responsible quantities.

More details: → Variant Part 3: Consumption

Effects of legalization

Based on the impact of legalization in other countries, we make the following projections.

Use of cannabis, or its disclosure, among adults will increase ((Wayne Hall, USA 2020)). However, use among youth will not increase, nor will use of other substances such as alcohol in combination with cannabis ((Meenakshi Subbaraman, USA 2019 and Sirish Veligati, USA 2019)).

Legal access alone will not suddenly encourage mass use. By comparison, we know that in the Netherlands, for example, less cannabis is used than in other European countries, despite toleration.

Instead, legalization will benefit the users. They will see higher quality and greater safety after legalization ((Fathima Fataar, Canada 2020)).

The support in society for legalization will increase after its implementation ((Benedikt Fischer, New Zealand 2020)).

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