Medical cannabis

Innovations per 1.8.2022

Now the facilitations for medical hemp have finally come into force and a new era begins. Doctors and physicians can prescribe THC-containing hemp without having to apply for an exemption permit. In the next few years it will become clearer exactly what this now means in everyday life for sick people.

At present, physicians seem to rarely consider this new possibility. Many refuse to prescribe cannabis in general. As of May 2023

This adopted amendment to the Narcotics Act provides that cannabis medicines can be prescribed by physicians in the future without an exemption permit from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH).

The draft amendments to the ordinances and the explanatory reports can be found on the overview page of the FOPH. Then an exciting seven-year phase will begin in which these new possibilities will be explored and evaluated. However, as long as health insurers do not pay for such cannabis medicines (this will be discussed further in the coming years), few sick people will probably be able to afford these preparations.


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