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The contributions from 2016 you can find here, the current here.

19.12.2017 => Winter break office until and including 3 January

An eventful association year is coming to an end. Worth mentioning are, for example, the enlarged Board of Directors, the submission of the initiative text, the return to offset printing for our magazine, the expansion of the posts and to finish we will still have over 100'000 francs donations for the initiative project for the initiative project. Many thanks to all who have supported us!
Now it is time for our winter break, during which we want to recharge our batteries as much as possible for 2018. The program is already well filled: First of all, we have to close the 2017 also from an accounting point of view, then the association meeting, the Legalize it! No. 80, Shit happens 11, the 20th of April and the Cannatrade - and then it is only the end of April!

The office is from January 4 and can be reached best MO, DI, DO and FR afternoon. The next important date is the Association meeting on January 26. 1)

We wish everyone restful winter days and a successful start to the new year!

04.12.2017 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 79 is published & No. 78 is online

These days our members the current number 79 of our magazine Legalize it! in the mailbox. Thanks to Ruth and Sven for the mailing! We would also like to thank everyone for their support and wish you an interesting reading!

Legalize it! No. 78 from fall 2017 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 78 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Politics, Justice and Scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

Fall 2017

08.11.2017 - Cannabis Initiative (#CH420): Final spurt fundraising campaign.

Our initiative team is on it, collecting donations at the moment we are at 68'000 francs. Until the end of the year at least 100'000 francs so that the collection of signatures can be carried out next year.
Support us by signing up in the online form form - either as signatory or even as collector of signatures. And as already mentioned, we are looking for further donations we are very grateful if you can donate.
If you have further questions, e.g. about your commitment or about the initiative in general, which are not answered on the website or the articles in the magazine Legalize it! you can contact Nino an e-mail.

With enough support together we can overcome the unsatisfactory reality of cannabis repression in this country! Not only for us, but also for future generations, a Switzerland should be created that deals more sensibly with this ingenious plant and its products. This way, the lives of many people could be improved - consuming or not. Let's legalize it!

14.10.2016 => Autumn break still until 31 October

Fall Break The office has been in vacation mode and will be in this until October 31st October: It is always Wednesdays the whole day otherwise we are mainly available by e-mail otherwise.

As of November 2, we will be available again as usual (Mon/Thurs/Thurs/Fri, afternoons). On November 3 there will be a members' meeting will take place.

We wish everyone beautiful autumn days!

09/24/2017 - Federal court ruling of September 6: possession of a minor amount of cannabis.

Federal court ruling & media reports Already on September 6, the Federal Court a judgment which, in the meantime, has been of particular concern to the Zurich prosecution authorities, for example, and which will probably in the future small amount will change considerably - many many media have reported. As almost always there are of course also setbacks: For example, the canton of St. Gallen has already threatened to take countermeasures. In this context, it is also worth mentioning the Ticino, where the repressive apparatus has for some time even been CBD hemp hunt. It remains to be seen whether and how Ticino will react to the aforementioned ruling.

Already in September 2013, when we published our 9th edition of the Legal Aid Brochure "Shit happens" we took the position that preparatory acts (i.e., among other things, possession) of small quantities cannabis (up to 10 grams) is not punishable - after all, that is what the law says. law… But already at that time we had suspected that the repressive apparatuses would see enough room for interpretation and that's why we have deleted this part of the brochure and also the page in our wiki “Quasi legal“which corresponds pretty much to the reality: it is legal according to the opinion, but there are just different opinions…. It was not surprising that many cantonal law enforcement agencies did not change their almost 40 years old practice: Newly for possession simply also fines distributed, from 2016 then also increasingly for CBD hemp.

The starting point of the current events is the partial revision of the Narcotics Law (NarcA), which was voted together with the rejected hemp initiative (63% No) on Nov. 30, 2008 (68% Yes). On July 1, 2011, this came into force and thus the legal loophole that had made the store boom (“Duftsäckli”) possible from the mid-1990s was also plugged.
With the fines then, from autumn 2013, it should be possible to punish observed consumption (by the police) in public quickly and without complications. In this way, the punishment of cannabis use was to be simplified and thus accelerated, which was to bring lower costs as well as standardization throughout Switzerland. However, criminal prosecution itself was, is and remains a matter for the cantons. In addition to these new types of fines, a second paragraph was added to Article 19b, which defines the concept of a negligible quantity from the first paragraph with 10 grams in the law. The first paragraph dates back to the 1970s, when the prohibition of consumption was introduced - but until then it did not play a role, only the definition in terms of quantity set the whole thing in motion… albeit with a of four years!

Now it remains to be seen how things will develop. The limit will probably be new, especially for consumption will be drawn. However, without quick tests to keep CBD users out of the mills of the justice the situation will remain grim. One - if not the - main problem has been, and perhaps will remain, that (too) many are paying the (illegal) fines simply pay, because they 'do not want stress' want - even when it is CBD hemp is involved. Recently, it no longer matters (depending on the canton) whether it is THC or CBD, as long as no consumption takes place and it is less than 10 grams. And maybe the introduction of rapid tests will bring a better solution for CBD users. A downer will probably remain: weed and hash will probably continue to be confiscated in almost all cases, even if this does not correspond to the will of the commission that originally drafted the amendment.

Conclusion: The prosecution of cannabis users in Switzerland is confused and this will not change anytime soon. The different approaches in the cantons will keep us busy for a long time. Also the discussions about the youthprotection, the witch hunt in road traffic, the handling of hemp medicines and in general the frighteningly widespread and partly hair-raising prejudices. prejudices against cannabis remain topical. Not only we from the association Legalize it! are of the opinion that a legalization the most advantages in handling with this ingenious plant that has been appreciated by people for thousands of years - that's why: Let's legalize it!

07.09.2017 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 78 is published & No. 77 is online

These days our members the current number 78 of our magazine Legalize it! in the mailbox. Thanks to Ruth and Sven for the mailing! We would also like to thank everyone for their support and wish you an interesting reading!

Legalize it! No. 77 from summer 2017 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 77 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Politics, Justice, Culture and Scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

04.09.2017 - Article and reader debate on hemp legalization.

On August 24, the NZZ published an interesting article under the heading “Opinion”. article about the legalization of hemp was published. Online there was also a lively reader debate took place. It is no secret that 'our' hemp topic has a difficult stand in the population. Especially when it comes to the legalization many rifts open up: between and through parties, between parts of the country and cantons, among experts, within families, among the electorate and in general among the population - even among users!
This picture is also reflected in the media: positive and negative articles alternate with astonishing regularity. An article warning about the health consequences of cannabis use, is followed by one is followed by one that recommends legal use, as this is the only way to protect young people. This is followed, for example, by interviews with conservative politicians, who are of the opinion that legalization would make prevention impossible…. It is therefore not surprising that the majority is confused especially when there is no reference to the topic.
An important, if not the most important goal of a successful legalization movement must therefore be not only to bring this - mostly silent - majority to the ballot box in a referendum, but to inform them to such an extent that they will not vote no. So there is still a lot to do - let's do it: Let's legalize it!

On August 23, "20 Minuten" reported about a case in which a smoker of even in the Coop available CBD hand cigarettes had gotten a fine had got one. It is not a new phenomenon that the police - probably due to a lack of rapid tests, among other things - do not make a distinction between CBD hemp and potent, i.e. THC-rich hemp: After all, neither appearance nor smell provides information about the THC content. Since the beginning of the “CBD boom” in the fall of 2016, such and similar cases have occurred again and again. Sure, the contents of a plastic bag can be easily replaced. What is new is the suspicion that users could go so far as to exchange the contents of industrially manufactured, legal hemp cigarettes. Although this would be theoretically possible, the effort is considerable and a manipulation is relatively easy to detect (according to the manufacturer).
The police makes it all too easy for themselves and chooses the easy and fast way of the fine. Also small amounts of THC-rich cannabis are mostly punished with one since the law change (1.10.2013) came into force (at least city & canton of Zurich). However, as long as almost all of these (illegal) fines are simply paid, there is no reason for the law enforcement agencies to deviate from the chosen path. It remains to be seen whether court decisions, the introduction of rapid tests or the increased contesting of fines will change anything about the situation.

04.09.2017 - Consultation on the lifting of cannabis prohibition (16.8.17).

Already in mid-August, the Professional Association for Addiction about a survey on the lifting of the ban on cannabis. informed. It is certainly gratifying that (depending on the model) up to two thirds of respondents agreed to decriminalization. decriminalization have agreed. However, various questions remain unanswered: What does it mean that “consumption in connection with driving remains prohibited”? Whether legal or illegal, the zero tolerance in road traffic makes no sense when it comes to driving ability; on the contrary, people who consume CBD hemp or hemp food, for example, are already criminalized. With legal access to THC-rich cannabis, the current practice would be taken ad absurdum and the witch hunt that is already taking place would be intensified - so it all makes no sense at all. In the case of popular initiative, there is also the question of the majority of the states and, finally, polls on election and voting behavior should always be taken with a large portion of caution - not just since Trump….

Summer 2017

06.08.2017 - New documents on cannabis repression.

THC&Law: report At the end of July, Sven has published numerous new facsimiles into the Wiki: In the section report the page penal orders 2016 has been extended by some, with the small amount came a discontinuation order and also on the page with examples of minor misdemeanor there were new documents.
We do not have any cases for 2017 yet, although, unfortunately, there have been many of them this year, too… and more will follow. We would also like to publish your case (anonymized) - So we can represent the real cannabis repression and also help others affected. Send us a mail with your scans or send us your documents by mail (Verein Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zürich). Merci!

02.07.2017 => Summer break office until 6 August

Agenda & Activities Even our secretary needs a vacation and therefore our office is office will be occupied only on Wednesdays until August 6. (whole day). On all other days we are most likely to be reached by Mail to reach us.
From Monday, August 7 the office will be available again as usual (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, preferably in the afternoon).
Inquiries about the Project Initiative accepts Nino accepts them. Furthermore there would be the possibility of two Member meetings (July 7 & August 4), but this depends on the number of registrations. registrations registrations.

We wish everyone a great summer time!

15.06.2017 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 77 is published & No. 76 is online

These days our members the current number 77 of our magazine Legalize it! in the mailbox. Sven is thanked for the mailing! Furthermore we thank all for their support and wish you an interesting reading!

Legalize it! No. 76 from spring 2017 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 76 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Culture and scene for download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

06.06.2017 - Clarification on the minor quantity

The judgment of 2015 Already on May 12 reported that on June 6, another case would come before the Zurich District Court involving the possession of a minor amount cannabis. In short: Are the Zurich police allowed to prosecute for the mere possession of less than 10g of cannabis give a fine give?
The first (known to us) verdict is from 2015 and since autumn 2016 in the wiki. However, it will only be interesting in the higher or federal court, as we have seen that 'only' because of a district court ruling unfortunately nothing changes in the (in our opinion illegal) practice of the Zurich police.

Spring 2017

Today's edition of the program Arena of the Swiss Television deals with the topic of cannabis and the current discussion about legalization discussion (Report). Some hemp fans can not even watch such shows anymore, because the opponents argue very quickly only on the emotional level (“We must protect the youth!” etc.).
Hopefully, the proponents will not be upset and there will be an interesting debate, not a hickhack.

09.05.2017 - New Swiss hemp law: parliamentary initiative submitted

New Swiss Hemp Law On May 4 Maya Graf from the Green parliamentary group parliamentary initiative for a new hemp law (Federal hemp regulation law). Some media reported: TA respectively. Bund and SZ resp. watson.
It is very pleasing that the topic hemp again in the parliament but we know from experience that nothing has been achieved yet. The chances of success are impossible to estimate, the deadlines are generous (so the process can take a very long time) and the whole thing could be buried again at any time. 'buried' which would not be a surprise given the current composition of the parliament.

Already in 2004, a bill (of the Federal Council) was rejected in parliament, respectively the National Council did not even want to deal with it (non-occurrence). we had reported about it. Finally, on Nov. 30, 2008, the electorate voted in favor of a revision of the law which brought almost exclusively disadvantages for us hemp fans: Mainly loopholes in the law were plugged. The at the same time to the vote hemp initiative was unfortunately unsuccessful, and since then there have been no changes in the cannabis sector. 'from Bern' no more big throws in the cannabis sector.
Mention should be made of the fines (OB) and the grammatical definition of the negligible amount (from Oct. 1, 2013). The purpose of the OB was the simplification and standardization of the consumption tracking - the latter was not achieved at all, but rather the opposite. Also the minor amount is handled differently depending on the canton or often simply ignored. From our point of view, there can be absolutely no talk of clear conditions. The only thing that is clear is that 'it' is forbidden, is pursued and every year tens of thousands are punished because of it!
In the future we will read even more often headlines à la “Hemp will soon be legal”. But even in the best case, years will pass before it is clear whether there will be a new law (apart from the content). Since a referendum has to be expected, it will probably once again be up to the electorate to decide. The only ray of hope is that the mood of the people over the years could tilt in the direction of hemp and there would be a majority for a more sensible handling of cannabis. a more sensible approach to cannabis. would exist. In view of the daily repression, which has been practiced for decades, this is a rather weak consolation….

25.04.2017 - Happy 420: The initiative is one step further

Last week the Project Initiative took a step further - various media had reported.

The online form is now available at where you can also send your statements statements.

Such an initiative costs money - please support the Crowdfunding of Dario at wemakeit. Only with enough resources we can bring the initiative to a successful conclusion one day, merci.

08.04.2017 => Spring break until and including 24 April

Agenda & Activities From April 10 to April 24 we will have a break and the office is not occupied.

We can in this time offer legal advice during this time but will sporadically listen to the combox and are best reachable via Mail reachable.

From Tuesday, April 25 the office will be available again as usual (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, preferably in the afternoon). The next members' meeting will take place on May 5 (please pre-register).

We wish all beautiful spring days and a successful start into the new season!

23.03.2017 - Annual report and financial statements 2016

Annual reports association Legalize it! Last week we have published our annual report with closing 2016 as PDF published. This gives information about our financial situation and the activities in the past year. The association meeting had already taken place on January 27, and with the enlarged board the most significant change for 2017.
The annual report is part of the magazine Legalize it! No. 76 of March 2017, which members reserved for members and will be for all online will be available to everyone. In addition to information about the association - a travelogue about Amsterdam and an article about the last SACM meeting2). Become member and always receive our latest info!

11.03.2017 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 76 is published & No. 75 is online

This week the current number 76 of our magazine Legalize it! was packed and shipped - thanks to the shipping team! Some received it already yesterday, others should have it in their mailbox on Monday. We wish good reading!

Legalize it! Download We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 75 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Justice, Culture and Scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

Winter 16/17

14.02.2017 - Shit happens 10 pdf and member meeting 2017

Overview Shit happens 10 We have created the PDF version of our legal aid brochure Shit happens online. On paper it already came out last fall and can still be ordered and can still be ordered. By the way: Members can order two additional copies free of order!

The Board has also set the dates for the member meetings for the first half of the year: Always on the first Friday of the month members meet members, to exchange ideas. You can bring interested people or contact them contact us. During these evenings Association, members and projects (e.g. Initiative) can get to know better.

28.01.2017 - That was the association meeting 2017

Our Association Meeting (VV) on January 27 was very well attended with 20 members and 2 guests. Many thanks to those who helped and for the active participation! If we continue to grow this year, we will have to come up with something for next time in terms of space and planning….
Sven led competently through the agenda as he has done for years: After the acceptance of the minutes of the VV 2016, the presentation of the annual report 2016 and the acceptance of the 2016 accounts, the election of the 2017 Board 2017 was on the program. The board was enlarged from two to four persons: Besides Sven and Fabian, Markus and Nino were elected.
Now the enlarged board and plan the further procedure in the coming weeks. Therefore, there will be no (members') meetings in February - but we will keep the dates of our Friday activities as soon as they are fixed.
In March, No. 76 of our magazine will be published in March, and then we will soon have the next meeting on April 20, which will be the Initiative project project - let's legalize!

27.01.2017 => Association meeting 2017

Association meeting on 27 January 2017 On January 20, we really started the new year and held the association meeting on January 27. prepared. The figures for the annual financial statement are already available, now we have to prepare the annual report must be completed. With that, we have most of the ingredients for the official part of the VV together.
There will certainly be enough time for questions and discussions an important part of the evening, especially in a special year like this one.

We look forward to seeing many new and old familiar members to be able to welcome! 3)

The contributions from 2016 you can find here, the current here.

1) , 3)
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