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As soon as there is a transfer, there is more than “just” a fine. Now a criminal record is set and in addition there is a monetary penalty, in these examples between three and twelve daily rates. These are usually conditional on a first conviction, so do not have to be paid. In the past, instead of these daily sentences, there were imprisonment or jail sentences (see example at the end of the page), this also conditional the first time. The entry in the criminal record was also common in the past. The amount of the daily sentences depends on the personal circumstances (income, assets, support obligations) and ranges from 30 to 3000 francs per daily sentence.

Penalty Ticino

Dealing with 50 grams has resulted in a misdemeanor conviction (monetary penalty 20 daily sentences, entry in the criminal record, plus fine and costs of 400 francs). The consumption acts are of little importance in the punishment. What is decisive is the transfer, which leads to the higher level of criminality.


Lucerne penalty

This summary penalty order cannot be dated exactly, we estimate it to be 2008. A standard penalty - probably due to passing on. If the cultivation had been exclusively for personal consumption, only a fine for a contravention should have come. This is now about a misdemeanor.


Penalty Bern for the first

The fine must be paid, the conditional monetary penalty not. This would only have to be paid if such an offense occurs again during the probationary period. The fees must also be paid.


Penalty Bern for the second

Similar to the first penalty, but with “only” three daily sentences monetary penalty.


Penalty mandate Wallis

Here is an example of a punishment with three days in prison. It dates back to the time before the monetary penalties.

Even though the penalty below was created on April 1, 2004: It is not a joke. Valais has been known for a long time as a very repressive region, but this punishment beats everything. The woman in question was caught by the police with a gram of weed, then admitted to spending about 20 francs on its consumption during four months. She had never sold anything before, but she gives to others free of charge. She had never dealt with the police before - so it was her first time.

For this ridiculously minor illegal activity, she has now been punished with three days in jail, conditionally for two years. And on top of that she has to pay 301.20 francs expenses. All this because of a gram and the admission of occasional consumption, purchase and gratuitous distribution. Here we see clearly what a malicious judge can do with the current narcotics law if he wants to. The mere consumption (without possession, purchase, transfer, etc.) can already be punished with imprisonment. This is what the law says.

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