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This page contains the information from 2009 - this timeline does not go back further. You can find the latest posts here.

18.12.2009 - Happy holidays!

We wish all a reflective Christmas season and / or a good winter solstice and / or a happy new year 2010. We hear and / or see us. And/or write us something. From the 22nd of January we are good to reach again.

11.12.2009 - Wiki

As this year comes to a close, we are taking a look at our web project We will work on the TODOs and plan the next wiki year.

04.12.2009 - Shipping Magazine Legalize it! No. 50 - viva!

The shipping of our 50th Legalize it! is on the agenda for Friday, Dec. 4. First we pack, then we celebrate the 50th issue extensively.

Fall 2009

27.11.2009 - Magazine Legalize it! Issue 43 is online

We have pdf'd another issue of our magazine Legalize it! This is Issue 43now available for download both as a whole and as individual articles (in the areas of politics, culture & scene). The current issues are still reserved for our members. If you are not a member yet, you are welcome to order a paper copy for free - or just browse through the older issues. Meanwhile, a lot of information can also be found on our THC&Right Wiki.

20.11.2009 - Planning for the next two years

Now the time has come: The next two Fridays are all about planning for the next two years. We have ideas, we have people and we have money. Not unlimited, of course. We have concrete ideas: Magazine Legalize it!, legal aid brochure, THC&Law wiki, legal consultations, Friday meetings, member events. We have concrete people: Christoph, Fabian, Matthias, Patrick, Peter, Priska, Sh., SvenO, SvenP, Tom. We have concrete major donation pledges of 12'000 francs. Of course we can't single-handedly force the complete legalization of hemp in Switzerland. But we can do a lot of useful things: Help people in need, develop and distribute unique information, organize interesting member meetings. If you still want to pledge a contribution, please contact us until November 27th, 6pm at the latest. Afterwards we will summarize what we have collected and definitely plan the next two years of our association.

13.11.2009 - Wiki

Our THC&Law wiki is coming up on Friday, 11/13. What has proven successful since the activation? Where do we still need to make adjustments? We'll take care of a few TODOs again, maybe introduce some new ones to the wiki (if you're interested, please let us know), and enjoy our growing new internet project. Click on

06.11.2009 - Finances: We need money again...

Next Friday we have another finance evening coming up. We will book the third quarter of 2009, check our liquidity and summarize the status of major gifts. We are currently at pledges of 12'000 francs major donations for 2010 and 2011, the years of our next stage. We are therefore a few thousand Batzelis short of the optimal 20'000 francs. Here is the irrevocable last, the absolutely definitive, not completely desperate, but still extremely committed appeal to you: If you are not yet in the list of our large donations of powerful members, then contact us immediately, right now, and pledge a large donation!

30.10.2009 - Member event: Evaporation

At our 31st member event, the topic of vaporizing is on the program. In several groups, we will test the various new vaporizers that have come onto the market in recent years. And we are curious about their (in)suitability to produce efficient vapor instead of stale smoke. This event will take place on October 30.

10/23/2009 - Shit happens, Circulation 7.1 online & on paper

Shit happens The updated version 7.1 of our legal aid brochure “Shit happens” can be ordered on paper or sucked from the net as a PDF. Your support will enable us to keep going and to publish an eighth edition adapted to the partially revised Narcotics Law around 2011!

We have also pdf'd another issue of our magazine Legalize it! Issue 42 is now available for download both as a whole and as individual articles (in the areas of politics, culture, scene and justice). The current issues are still reserved for our members. If you are not a member yet, you are welcome to order a paper copy for free - or just browse through the older issues.

16.10.2009 - Vacation

Our secretary needs a little break and so our office will be closed on Friday, 10/16. We ask for your understanding.

09.10.2009 - Planning magazine Legalize it! No. 50

Planning for our 50th anniversary number is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 9. So please submit announcements for articles by next Friday! The article should then be written and in the Legalize it! office by the end of October.

02.10.2009 - Finance: The next stage is imminent

Next Friday, we will book our finances for the third quarter and deal with the dear money, of which we always have too little. At least in view of the sums we actually need. We think that we are doing a very good job in relation to the financial means we have (or don't have). And yet, we strongly suspect that we could do even better work if you provided us with more funding. If you now think, oh dear, they want my money, then you are right!

But if you are one of those people who, despite the financial crisis, can call a decent fortune and a bubbling liquidity their own, then we implore you to join our list of honorable major donors. For example, with a donation pledge of 500, 1,000, 2,500 or even 5,000 francs for the next stage (2010-2011) of our association. Of the required 20'000 francs we still need 8'000 to be able to continue as we are doing at the moment.

25.09.2009 - Member Event No.30: Prevention Repression

Friday, 9/25 will be our 30th member event. The topic will be “Prevention Repression”. We will deal with the laws and their penal consequences that are enforced when dealing with THC products. In concrete terms, we will also ask ourselves what is the most sensible way to deal with this illegality.

13.09.2009 - Our Wiki is now accessible for everyone!

The time has come, our wiki is now open to all and the construction and testing phases are finished.

Surf over to and have a look! We will gladly accept your general suggestions or formulated articles and incorporate them into the wiki. Because: the wiki is a never ending project. We have built a basic structure and added a lot of content. But the beauty of the wiki now is that we can present virtually infinite more information there. And using a wiki is very easy - you can find a good start on the wiki page. If you like, you can also write directly into the wiki. We will gladly open such an access for you - get in touch!

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