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The contributions of 2019 you can find here, the current here.

21.12.2020 - Winter break office from 21 December to 8 January

A special year is coming to an end: Not only for the association, but for all of us. Because actually we would have liked this year with our members the 30th anniversary of our association…. But shortly after the mailing at the beginning of March everything came differently. Fortunately, we were able to publish 3 issues of our magazine Legalize it! and in summer we were able to publish the 13th edition of our Legal Aid brochure Shit happens.
In addition to a home office period, we held the member meetings took place (partly) online and also the board had to switch to online meetings more often. In autumn we renewed our computer system and software. Thanks to the great effort of new activists, not only our wiki appeared in a new dress, but also the magazine Legalize it! in a new layout and we even have a new logo now.
Also in 2020 we had to avoid a financial cliff. Once again, we succeeded in doing so, as generous donations were received for the mailing in August.

Many thanks to all who supported us!

Now it is time for our winter break, during which we want to recharge our batteries as much as possible for 2021. Even though we do not yet know what next year will be like, we want to be well prepared and work on many topics and projects projects.

From December 21 to January 8, our office will not be staffed. However, in urgent cases we will find members an appointment for our members: Best by e-mail or SMS (079 581 90 44).

As of January 11, our office will be open again as usual (Mon/Thu/Fri, afternoons).

We wish all nice winter days and a good slide into a hopefully better 2021!

08.12.2020 - Medical hemp by the First Council.

The National Council has approved the bill on cannabis medicines by a clear vote of 143 to 33 with 15 abstentions. All minority motions were rejected. Thus, unfortunately, there will be no possibility for sick people to legally grow their own hemp (which could have reduced the costs for those affected).

04.12.2020 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 89 is published & No. 88 is online

These days our members the current number 89 of our magazine Legalize it! received (in a new layout). It contains a mix of topics: Cannabis Pilot Trials, Cannabis Social Club, Medical Hemp, parliamentary initiative and Review of 30 years association. We will publish the PDF in March.
Become become a member, so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) - you enable our activities and support the association. Legalize it!

Legalize it! No. 88 from fall 2020 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 88 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Politics, Justice, Culture and Scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

Fall 2020

16.11.2020 - Our website in a new look

We have renewed the appearance of our wiki and also redesigned the navigation. Many thanks to Michael for the programming! Now it's our turn to click through our pages and still make improvements here and there. If you notice something, we are glad about a message!

05.10.2020 - Autumn break office 5 - 30 October

Fall Break The office is from 5 to 30 October in vacation mode: It is on Fridays in the afternoon otherwise we are mainly available by e-mail otherwise.

As of November 2, we will be available again as usual (Mon/Thurs/Thurs/Fri, afternoons).

We wish you all nice autumn days!

05.10.2020 - Petition 19b extended

Still until the end of October the petition to Article 19b: Not punishable shall not be punishable. It is about limiting the prosecution of the consumers.
Who wants to sign it is invited to do so. Further information is available at the Hemp Museum you can find the petition here sign it here.

05.10.2020 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 88

Already in mid-September our members received number 88 of our magazine Legalize it! received. As always, it contained a mix of topics: Besides the current cannabis policy also graphics on Repression 2019, mixing CBD with THC and what consequences repression can have. We will then post the PDF in December.
Become become a member, so that you are always up to date (e.g. also by e-mail) - you enable our activities and support the association. Legalize it!

28.9.2020 - Policy brief

  • Parliament has approved the bill on the Pilot projects (19.021) and approved in the final vote on 25.9.20. The opponents could now initiate a referendum against this. Addendum 8.10.20: The Referendum deadline expires on 14.1.21.
  • The template for the Medical hemp (20.060) lies with the parliament. On October 8, the first commission should discuss it (SGK-N). Addendum 10/16/20: The SGK-N approved the bill by 22 votes to 3, calling in particular for data on side effects to be collected. The whole process is expected to take one to two years.
  • A parliamentary initiative was newly submitted that calls for a comprehensive legal New regulation of cannabis demands (20.473).

Unfortunately, the first two deals are only small steps forward: certain facilitations for THC in medicine and study projects limited in time, place and participants.

The new parliamentary initiative goes much further. If it is supported, the administration will have to work out one or more models that will then be discussed in parliament. There is still much to be done, but the potential to arrive at a truly new approach to THC use in this process is great. The details will be decisive…

Summer 2020

07.08.2020 - Holiday end info

  • Sven is now available again as usual on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as Thursdays and Fridays, in each case in the afternoon by telephone (079 581 90 44).
  • The membership mailing arrived yesterday and the first Large donations for our 2020 collection have already arrived or been pledged, thank you very much! We are excited to see how much we can collect until the deadline on August 28.
  • As of September 4, we will dissolve our P.O. Box (it would be much more expensive, get a new number, and most of it will come in electronically, unlike in our early days). Our address from then on for parcels and letters will be as follows: Association Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich.
  • We are currently working on the 88. issue of our Legalize it!, which will reach our members around mid-September.

26.06.2020 - Daylight saving time

Agenda Until the beginning of August we make Semi-vacation. During this time we are only available by phone on Thursdays and Fridays in the afternoon.

We wish you all a good summer!

25.06.2020 - Facilitation for medical hemp

At its meeting yesterday, June 24, the Federal Council deliberated on the cannabis medicinal products law amendment and published the message as a preprint approved. The definitive text will be published in the Federal Gazette in the near future. Subsequently, this business will come to the parliament, where then the responsible commissions and the two councils will decide on it. These deliberations will also take some time (here is the link to our last article on this topic).

20.06.2020 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 87 is online

Legalize it! No. 87 from spring 2020 is online The annual report has already been published, now the rest of the rest of the number online. Especially the article in the politics section is now also available as PDF.
The fall issue (September) will be available in December.
Become a member and get the latest news!

05.06.2020 - Shipping Shit happens 13

Shit happens 13 In recent months, we have been working primarily on the new edition of our legal aid brochure. worked on. This week, in several batches, we filled the envelopes and put them in the mail. Next week, the copies should arrive at our members members. At the same time we have also launched our Wiki here with the new information. Now we have to clean up a few details. Afterwards we would like to edit the new documents about hemp repression, which we have received (e.g. penal orders), and post them here.

03.06.2020 - National Council on the pilot projects

The National Council has decided that there should be cannabis studies should be possible (Business 19.021). But now the Council of States has to decide about it. If it also agrees, there can still be a referendum against it (and possibly a referendum). Even if this change of the NarcA once in force, concrete studies would still have to be elaborated and submitted and approved. Only then can one apply for it (and then also know which conditions must be fulfilled etc.). So this will still be a long way! But we will certainly report about it again.

Spring 2020

06.04.2020 - Shit happens 12.2: Second version of our repression overview

Shit happens 12.2: Repression overview We have updated our overview about the repression in the second version: Shit happens 12.2 (A3), which can be downloaded as PDF or JPG available. The idea was that next to our brochure and the Wiki we need a concise presentation that shows the complexity of hemp tracking at a glance. It is intended as a basis for those seeking advice as well as for quick information for media professionals.

26.03.2020 - Meeting unfortunately canceled, but we continue to work

We would have liked to start again with our member meetings started again. But the pandemic made that impossible, like so many things we were looking forward to this spring.
At the moment, we are considering whether to hold a members' meeting via videoconference. We would like to invite all members, who have given us their e-mail address.
To 079 581 90 44 we can be reached as usual, as well as on We hope that we all get through these extraordinary times well!

12.03.2020 - Magazine Legalize it! No. 87 is published & No. 86 is online

Last week our members the current number 87 of our magazine Legalize it! received. As always in the spring number, it contains mainly the Annual report and financial statements 2019. The additionally included article on the current Swiss hemp policy will be online in June.

Legalize it! No. 86 from winter 19/20 is online We have also published another issue of our magazine Legalize it! pdf. The issue 86 is now available both as a whole and as individual articles in the areas of Politics, Culture and scene to Download ready for download. The current issue is still available to our members reserved for our members.

Winter 19/20

27.02.2020 - Addendum: Federal court overturns tobacco tax on CBD hemp

Good news for fans of CBD hemp: This is likely to become cheaper, as the tobacco tax is eliminated. On February 18, it was announced that the Federal Court had already upheld the complaints of three companies on January 29 (SRF, watson & 20min). Accordingly, there is no legal basis for taxation as for tobacco products (around 25%).
The Federal Customs Administration will provide information on how to proceed. Many products should already be available at much lower prices.
It would not be surprising, however, if parliamentarians would soon join forces to create the missing basis so that CBD flowers could one day be taxed again…

04.02.2020 - Association meeting, board and annual report

Annual reports association Legalize it! On January 31st we held our association meeting 2020 took place. We approved the 2019 financial statements and elected the Board elected for 2020: Sven Schendekehl, Markus Graf and Fabian Strodel lead our association for another year.
The detailed minutes with annual report and annual accounts will follow in the Legalize it! No. 87, which will be out at the beginning of March.

02.02.2020 - Commission gives green light for cannabis studies

Last Friday, January 31, it became known that the Commission for Social Security and Health of the National Council (SGK-N) will again deal with the experimental article (pilot projects): Media release.
Special was the decision of the commission that exclusively Swiss organic hemp may be used for these studies (which probably excludes indoor cultivation). Now the business goes to the National Council, which will probably already decide in the spring session on some minority motions, which should further tighten the conditions for the studies (eg notification of employers and schools).

02.02.2020 - Goodbye 2019 and 2020 ahoy

Still in the old year Sven has made several facsimiles on the topic “Driving under drugs”(FuD) an unconditional penalty and a cessation order, two subpoenas from 2019 and on the subject of Semen tracking one written questioning.

In the new year the first thing to do was to write the annual report on the program. Then, after we had finished the 2019 accounting accounting, we were almost ready for the association's Association meeting (VV) on January 31 (see above).

The contributions of 2019 you can find here, the current here.

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