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Cover Shit happens 13 Shit happens
13th edition
Summer 2020

Legal aid brochure on the topic:
Hemp, smoking pot, THC
and the laws on
prosecution of cannabis

Association Legalize it!
Quellenstrasse 25
8005 Zurich

Text and design
Sven Schendekehl

Figures, graphics and editing
Fabian Strodel

Assistance and corrections
Markus, Rebecca, Ruth,
Sandra, Sheron


1'100 copies

Hemp, pot, THC and the laws on cannabis prosecution

In the wiki Full title and page in the brochure
Introduction THC use still subject to criminal prosecution 3
Handling What applies when dealing with THC in Switzerland? 4
Food Legal for all: food with THC traces 6
CBD Hemp “CBD Hemp: Hemp flowers with less than 1% THC 8
Quasi legal Quasi legal: the small amount of cannabis 10
Little illegal Little illegal: consumption detected by the police 12
Normal illegal Normal illegal: consumption private and preparations 14
report report: interrogation and protocol ⇒ penalty 17
interrogation Pitfalls at interrogation 18
Center pages Overview: When someone is caught with cannabis 22
Statistics Graphs: The prosecution of cannabis contraventions. 24
Statistics Tens of thousands affected every year 26
Statistics Graphic: The prosecution of Cannabis-misdemeanor 27
Strongly illegal Strongly illegal: the transfer and sale 28
Driving a car Strongly illegal: Driving with THC in the blood 30
Camouflage Those who do not stand out have less stress 34
Youth The youth as a special case of the prosecution 36
Medicine Only in exceptional cases: THC in medicine 38
Company list List of companies that support us 40
Imprint The legal aid brochure Shit happens 42
Back Overview: levels of legality and illegality of THC 44

The quickest way to reach the main pages is via the entries in the sidebar on the left. This table of contents also shows the page numbers of the corresponding articles in the printed edition of our legal aid brochure Shit happens.

The legal aid brochure Shit happens

About this edition

In 1996 we published the first Shit happens, 24 years later now this 13th edition of our legal aid brochure. During this time, hemp prosecutions became more and more absurd and increased almost from year to year: in the number of cases and in the amount of penalties. In recent years, for the first time, there has been a decrease. Mainly because the Federal Court finally clarified that the penalty-free amount is really penalty-free. That was an uphill battle, but now reports and fixed penalties have been decreasing for two years. Nevertheless, there are still 100 THC users per day: Shit happens!

Repression has not been able to eradicate the phenomenon of smoking pot. Instead, it creates daily injustices and a black market with many negative consequences for the users as well as for the whole society: a market worth billions without security, without quality control and without transparency.

Document, advise...

As long as cannabis use remains illegal, as long as every joint can be punished, as long as today's narcotics law with its harsh penalties continues to exist, we want to educate about hemp repression:

So that everyone gets an impression of how the legal provisions read and are then implemented by the police and public prosecutor - and what heights of fines and fees the prosecution of cannabis can reach. With this brochure, with our new A3 overview, with consultations and our collected information (e.g. summary penalty orders) on we can provide assistance with legal problems.

...and change

But in the end we would like to change the existing Swiss NarcA, to achieve a reasonable, legal handling of hemp. Internationally, there is a lot going on: Maybe this will provide impulses to end the miserable drug war in this country as well and to develop something more sensible. The legalization of hemp is feasible.

The ban still applies

Politically, two issues are pending in the summer of 2020. On the one hand, parliament is debating whether to allow studies involving the administration of cannabis, and on the other hand, a bill to facilitate its medical use is coming before parliament. Both will drag on for quite some time.

So the current NarcA with its comprehensive prohibitions will still be valid for many years. There it means to be extremely careful if one appreciates THC enjoyment. Because: Shit happens.

Membership / Donation

The Members of the association Legalize it! receive our quarterly magazine as well as the legal aid brochure Shit happens, can ask legal questions for free and support our work for hemp legalization.

The membership fee is 50 francs and can be rounded up if possible.
We gladly accept small or large donations. Hempy thanks!

Our account details are: PostFinance account 87-091354-3 or IBAN CH02 0900 0000 8709 1354 3
The statutes of our association can be found here.

The board of directors leads our association and consists in 2020 of Fabian Strodel, Markus Graf and Sven Schendekehl.

OrderShit happens

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Advice hemp and law

Sven Schendekehl is responsible for the legal information. He has gathered a lot of information from thousands of cannabis cases since 1996.

Theaim of the advice is to convey the legal basics, to explain the procedures of law enforcement agencies, to compare the case with similar cases and to show the types of punishment. This brochure contains the basics for this.

We can clarify further questions in person, either by e-mail, by telephone or at a meeting by appointment.

For our members such consultations are free of charge, for non-members we charge 70 francs per hour.


Shit happens, 13th edition, summer 2020
Legal aid brochure on the subject: hemp, smoking pot, THC and the laws on cannabis prosecution

Association Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, 8005 Zurich

Text and design
Sven Schendekehl

Figures, graphics and editing
Fabian Strodel

Assistance and corrections: Markus, Rebecca, Ruth, Sandra, Sheron

Circulation: 1'100 copies

Your support

What we have achieved so far has been made possible by the active help of our members, their membership fees and donations. If you have resources (time, money or know-how) that you would like to use for the goals of our association Legalize it!, please contact us.

Management Board and responsibilities

Details about our club, the board and the responsibilities can be found on the club page.

Company list

Besides the private members, these organizations and companies support our association Legalize it!

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