Summary penalty orders 2018

First, a discontinuation order from Ticino (minor quantity).

The hemp seed prosecution had its peak in 2015. Since then, only a few dare to order hemp seeds abroad. But still there are reprimands and penalties for importing hemp seeds. Here we publish some recent examples from different cantons.

At the end of the page we have published a current punishment for THC in blood/driving under the influence of drugs.

Discontinuation order Ticino

Possession of less than 10 grams of weed or hash for personal use is not punishable. Therefore, there was a discontinuation order.


summary penalty order Brugg-Zurzach

Orderinghemp seeds on the Internet is not a good idea. Customs still intercepts many shipments and reports those involved. Here is an average fine from Aargau.


summary penalty order Fribourg

This hemp seed order was a bit too big: The prosecutor evaluated the 220 hemp seeds as misdemeanor (with criminal record entry). The orderer had bought at half price on Black Friday 2017 without really thinking about the consequences. This was followed by confiscation at customs, house search and now this summary penalty order (with calculation form for the daily rate of monetary penalty).


summary penalty order Bern

An example from the canton of Bern. Even if the punishment was rather low: The person concerned had to endure a house search and an identification treatment. Such experiences are very stressful!


summary penalty order Winterthur

An example from the canton of Zurich, with high costs.


summary penalty order Altstätten

An example from the canton of St. Gallen, with high costs.


summary penalty order Aargau

An example from the canton of Aargau, with costs in the medium range.


Penalty for driving under drugs

Here the 1.5 micrograms of THC per liter of blood was exceeded, so driving under drugs is proven. The punishment is in the usual range.


For more cases and penalties, see Strongly illegal: driving with THC in the blood.

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