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What does a penalty for smoking pot look like?

The penalty follows the report

On this page, we show two very different penalty notices, which we can use as examples to demonstrate the breadth of the possible punishment. Because depending on the region and depending on the statement, extremely different punishments can follow.

First summary penalty order: much admitted


She had actually only one gram weed with her when she was controlled. But then she went on to say that she smokes about three joints a month, buys about 60 francs a year and occasionally gives them to friends for free. These statements were enough for the judge to order her to serve three days in jail (today a prison sentence or monetary penalty), conditionally for two years, as well as about 300 francs costs. She now has a criminal record, since a custodial sentence/monetary penalty is always entered in the criminal record. It is really advisable to admit only what is obvious anyway. If you admit more, then it can all be added up and end in such penalties as the one on the right above. Especially if you admit to passing on (also free of charge!), even if it is only about a “Rauchi”.

Second summary penalty order: little admitted


He had two grams of hash with him when he was controlled. But he admitted only very rare consumption. And the Upper Valais is already less repressive (although it happened in the same canton!). So he didn't even get a fine, but only a warning and has no criminal record. Therefore: What they find on you, you can admit. And otherwise confess as little as possible. Even if the police say they want all the information only for their statistics and the fine won't get higher: Don't give them the information. They don't deserve it.

In most of the cases, the police referrals lead to a fine, you can find more examples here.

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