The state of the policy at the beginning of 2021

The bill on cannabis pilot projects has also cleared the referendum hurdle and can be enacted by the Federal Council. The consultations on medical hemp are continuing and seem to be largely capable of gaining majority support.

Law on the pilot projects definitely

The referendum deadline expired on January 14, 2021. Now we still need the final ordinance from the Federal Council. We expect this by mid-year at the earliest. According to initial information, however, there will be few changes to the content of the draft ordinance. The bill can then be put into force and the text of the law will remain valid for ten years.

As part of our “Cannabis Social Club” project, we are in the process of networking with the authorities and cities. On the one hand to learn more about the status of pilot projects, on the other hand to clarify to what extent such a project could be started or accompanied by us (see Legalize it! 89, pages 4-5). See also pilot test

Hemp medicine consultations on course

On December 8, 2020, the National Council discussed the facilitation of cannabis medicinal products. In the process, all minority motions were rejected. Two demanded tightening (obligation to always carry the prescription with the cannabis medicines and a ban on prescribing medical hemp for smoking). The proposal that sick people could grow hemp themselves was also rejected. This could have greatly reduced the costs for those affected (because the health insurance companies do not have to cover the costs of these drugs) and would have been a decisive relief. But only the SP and the Greens supported this unanimously. All others were against it, even the GLP (with 13:1), as well as the center (with 29:2). SVP and FDP were unanimously against.

The deal was clearly approved with practically no amendments by 143 votes to 33 with 15 abstentions. The only deviation concerns the data collection, which should now specifically include the side effects.

The ball is now in the court of the Council of States. Its committee approved the deal at the end of January 2021 by 10 votes to 0 with one abstention. The Council of States will deal with it on March 4, 2021. See also Medical hemp

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