Three mobile vaporizers in test

We were able to test the Crafty and Mighty, the two new mobile vaporizers from Storz and Bickel (the makers of the Volcano). Further, we take a look at the special small Magic Flight Launch Box.

I was allowed to test the two new vaporizers from Storz and Bickel, the Crafty and the Mighty, for a few weeks.

Briefly about me, I've been using only vaporizers for about two years now after having some health issues. I own several portable and tabletop devices and I'm also active in a vaporizer community on the internet FuckCombustion. Therefore, I hope to be able to give you a comprehensive picture of the devices and their features.

In direct comparison, the performance of the two vaporizers is identically good, the larger cooling chamber of the Mighty cools the vapor a bit more, otherwise the difference between the two devices is really only in size, power supply and display or operation.

But let's start with the Crafty, the slightly cheaper variant.


The first thing you notice in a direct comparison is that it is much smaller, fits better in the hand and does not have a display.

The display can be shown with a supporting smartphone (but only with a newer model) and the corresponding app and then offers the same functions as the Mighty's display. Without a smartphone, only the base and boost temperatures (180 °C/195 °C) can be selected. For adjustments of these temperatures, you can borrow the smartphone from a friend and set the desired temperatures.

It seems advisable to me, especially for occasional vapor users, to increase the boost temperature to the maximum (210 °C), as experience has shown that this is closest to the smoking experience. Personally, I also appreciate the “low temp” range (vaporize with lower temperatures), as here the taste stands out more and the effect differs slightly. In this range, both vaporizers work just as reliably as in the high temp range. Both showed very accurate temperature behavior, with temperature fluctuations of no more than two to four degrees displayed during drawing and reheating.

The filling chamber for the material offers a lot of space. For those who also like to get by with less, however, the enclosed “drip pad” can be placed in the chamber over the material so that the filling does not fly around loosely in the chamber - allowing the hot air to find a way around it without dissolving the active ingredients.

The extraction is exemplary and the flavor is very well preserved.

Depending on the material and temperature range applied, the battery lasted for three to six sessions. A 2A USB power adapter is included for charging, and the device can be charged on a PC for connections with the appropriate power. The device can be used while charging, provided that the battery charge is not less than about 30%.

Thus, the Crafty is a very good single or two-person device in my eyes, since battery power and charging are not designed for continuous operation, but it fits wonderfully in hand and pocket.


Which brings us to the Mighty, which is just so much bigger that it seems a bit unwieldy. With the Mighty, the two batteries allow for six to twelve sessions, again depending on the factors of material, set temperature, ambient temperature and duration of the session.

However, the Mighty can be recharged via the included power adapter and run directly on electricity without using battery power. This also makes it a tabletop device that does not rely on battery charging!

Compared to the Crafty, the size and battery power have been doubled. Thus, I find the Mighty to be more suitable to serve as a “party vape” or in a group to pass around than the Crafty.

Personally, I also found the built-in display and temperature selection more pleasant, since you do not need a smartphone and the app is controversial with many anyway, because yes a data storage would be possible, even if the app does not seem to provide it.

For both devices

I would particularly like to emphasize the in my eyes fast heat-up time (under two minutes with a full battery) and that there is virtually no resistance when pulling. This is in contrast to an Arizer Solo (see report in LI66), which is more restrictive in the draw behavior.

Price-wise, the two vapes are in the upper segment, but for this you get good quality delivered, which is still Made in Germany and not the everyday Chinaware.

In summary, it remains to say that I am very satisfied with the functions of both devices: The small Crafty as a solo and the large Mighty as a home vape or for groups, which, however, quickly attracts attention outside by size and display. So if you don't have a Christmas present yet and want to switch to healthy vaping, the two models are certainly worth considering.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is a somewhat whimsical device. A piece of wood with a filling chamber, peeled batteries that you push in by hand: heating is done by pushing a battery into the wooden part until the current flows (and you stop the heating by releasing the battery). But somehow also a hearty, minimalist device.

Right off the bat, it doesn't have overheating protection, so the material in the filling chamber can burn if you heat it for too long. As a result, the device fails to meet a basic requirement for a decent vaporizer: combustion should never occur. (Which is also guaranteed, for example, with the Crafty, Mighty and Arizer Solo).

But you have quite a few seconds before combustion occurs. A great many people get this right without any problems. It works and looking at the mini vapor cloud through the little hole you pull is really hearty. The weight and price also speak for the device.

Unattractive, on the other hand: The included battery charger doesn't make a very trustworthy impression and the batteries can get very hot, both during use and charging. You can definitely burn your fingers on the batteries. That always leaves a queasy feeling.

However, the device shows, perhaps somewhat experimentally, how small vaporizers could probably become: The MFLB fits in one hand, so you can practically not see the device. No other vaporizer has managed that so far.

Table evaporator comparison

A day on the road with the Crafty

The battery was fully charged, I should be on the road without a power cable. For one day, I wanted to travel through the Mittelland and at various locations, the Crafty should show in actual use, whether he can.

In the morning, at home, a final test: A rotation of the cooling unit by 90°, then some finely chopped material into the now accessible chamber, put it back on, rotation in the other direction, done. Felt very pleasant, very full.

Then a click on the power button, the heating process began. The LEDs that indicate charging and battery status are a bit large. After a short time, a vibration: the base temperature was reached. When you draw, you notice: a lot of flavor, but still little vapor feeling.

Therefore, the double-click on the power button: Now I want to have the boost temperature. Two vibrations this time, pull again, now the vapor is strong and clear, a clean thing.

Then power off, pack it up and go. No case or other auxiliary paraphernalia: just a device, period. That was also pleasant.

With the colleague in the office a few hours later: “You, I have to test a device there!”. Open, fill, heat, pull, tiptop.

Then onward, a walk. At the lake, at ten degrees and with a lot of wind: Can he handle it? A few hardy fishermen next door hardly notice how I fill the Crafty again and let it heat up. I hold the device loosely in one hand - and the vibration is really very useful. No nervous looking at the device, no probing or anything: the hand immediately senses the status of the device. I notice the Crafty gets less warm in the wind, but still comes vapor, the battery also holds out.

Quite elated, I move on and although not really necessary, I want to try it again. Outside again, this time protected from the wind, I boosted the Crafty again.

At home, it just manages one last session, then the battery is through.

The Crafty is for me so far the best, most pleasant, most compact vaporizer for a day trip. Even if the price of about 400 francs seems daunting at first.

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