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Dear member

It is a contradictory situation.

It is a good thing that weed and hash and in some cases other THC-products can now be legally sold and consumed in various areas of our country.

What is bad is that this is only possible for a limited period of time and with a lot of bureaucracy within the pilot projects.

It is good that the Federal Supreme Court has finally made it clear that the provisions on cannabis in the Narcotics Act should be interpreted by the authorities as they were intended.

What is bad is that the Federal Supreme Court's recommendation not to punish even the consumption of small amounts of cannabis is practically never applied by the authorities.

The good thing is that more and more people think that legalization is finally needed; something really needs to be done!

The bad thing is that hardly any of them want to think about how a majority can be won in parliament (National Council and Council of States) and in a vote (majority of voters and the cantons).

Wishful thinking will not lead us to our goal. We need a limited, comprehensible proposal that is capable of winning a majority and a powerful campaign.

Kind regards from the Secretary

Sven Schendekehl

Last modified: 2024/05/27 16:35

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