CBD hemp on the road

Even those who only consume CBD hemp absorb small amounts of THC. These can lead to a positive result in a rapid test. However, no THC can be detected in the blood (which would be central to proving driving under the influence of drugs). Only minute traces of THC-COOH can be detected. Nevertheless, high costs are incurred by those affected - or they have to file an appeal and contest this assessment at great expense.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine finds almost nothing

THC cannot be detected at all in the blood of the affected person and the value of THC-carboxylic acid is very low.


And yet the Institute concludes that “the ingestion or application of cannabis has been proven”. This sentence is not clear. Is now simply the consumption of hemp proven? Or the consumption of an illegal narcotic? It is not clear from the sentence. But later this sentence is used to shift the whole costs of the proceedings onto the person concerned (because he had consumed illegal narcotics - which the person concerned however always denied from the beginning and referred to his CBD hemp consumption). This is completely untenable. Thus, anyone who consumes legal hemp products (including hemp cooking oil, for example) could be “convicted” as an illegal drug user. THC-COOH in the blood does not prove illegal drug use.

No penalty for driving under drugs, but still steep costs

Driving under the influence of drugs is dropped (no THC detectable in the blood). But because of the alleged illegal consumption, the person concerned should nevertheless have to pay the whole costs. (The punishment of this actual consumption is handed over with this document to the governor's office, which is to issue the actual fine with fees ).

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