Summary penalty orders 2023

Summary penalty order Gossau (home-grown)

A large quantity and then various psychoactive substances. But the personal use was given, so there was “only” a punishment for contraventions. However, the penalty in such cases can still be high, in this case almost 3,500 francs.


Summary penalty order Vaud (possession)

If it had been weighed accurately, there might not have been a fine (perhaps the net quantity would have been less than 10 grams and therefore exempt from punishment). Personal use was clear, so there was a fine of 100 francs with fees of 60 francs.


Summary penalty order Winterthur (home-grown)

The quantity is not decisive: although the accused possessed a lot of material, he was “only” punished for a contravention. This is because the personal use was clear. However, the fine can be steep for larger quantities, even for personal use (1,800 francs, with fees 2,200 francs). Following an appeal, the fine was reduced, but the fees was increased, which ultimately led to costs of 3,100 francs.


Summary penalty order Valais (envelope with weed)

Actually, up to 10 grams of weed are exempt from punishment - if they are intended for personal consumption. However, the customer's behavior during the interrogation was somewhat unfortunate. He made no statement on precisely this point. And then the prosecutor got going: conviction for a misdemeanor, 30 daily rates, entry in the criminal record and a fine of 500 francs instead of immunity from prosecution. It is really crucial to make clear that it's for your own consumption!


Summary penalty order Ticino (envelope with hemp seeds)

The hemp seed prosecutions still continues: 13 hemp seeds for own consumption have been ordered, the fine is 100 francs, in addition fees of 300 francs.

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