Am I allowed to smoke pot in my apartment?

Answer: smoking pot or smoking is not grounds for dismissal

You're not actually allowed to smoke pot anywhere, because THC consumption is generally prohibited by the Narcotics Act. But smoking pot in itself is not a reason for dismissal.

For example, even if a housing authority is looking exclusively for non-smokers, one is still allowed to smoke in the apartment afterwards - a termination would be inadmissible. This is at least until today the general legal opinion. But the tenant can be asked to pay for yellow wallpaper (because of smoking). This shows that smoking is not a completely common activity.

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The pressure on smoking will increase

It can be assumed that in general the pressure on smoking (which in the vast majority of cases is associated with a nuisance to other renters) will increase. Just as more and more parts of train stations have become smoke-free and littering has become a punishable offense (as in Bern in 2004).

Therefore, it can be assumed that in the future a smoking ban in apartments may become enforceable. Currently, personal freedom still applies with regard to smoking - and this also applies to smoking pot in apartments. However, only if the neighborhood is not significantly disturbed by smoking.

Here are links to more information (in German):

SRF: Constantly smoking on the balcony

SRF: Smoking pot neighbor

Other sanctions are possible

Of course, the administration (or the neighborhood) can always file a complaint with the police. And after several fines, the fine amounts are so high that hardly anyone will be able to afford to continue smoking pot.

In such a case, it is necessary to choose another form of consumption. It is not necessary to smoke cannabis products. Those who eat or vaporize them do not produce any emissions - which of course eliminates the stress of bothering the other renters. And so there will hardly be a report to the police.

Avoid odor nuisance

Especially in newer houses according to Minergie standard, central ventilation systems are popular. However, these also lead to joint-smoke from one's own apartment being transported into the neighbor's apartment if necessary.

A simple remedy is to seal the ventilation openings with transparent film and adhesive tape - at least in one's own apartment, but preferably in all affected apartments. (It is best to check with the landlord beforehand whether the ventilation system can withstand this).

If you smoke on your balcony or with an open window, you should make sure that the surrounding windows of your neighbors are closed.

Of course, the most effective way to reduce emissions is at the source: instead of smoking a fat weed joint, you can vaporizeweed . You won't smell that even in the same room after a short airing.

Example: Letter to tenant

Here, a landlord prohibits the consumption of cannabis in the garden seating area:


Here, a landlord prohibits the consumption of cannabis in the room and stairwell:


Here, the Zurich City Police instructs tenants to destroy hemp plants on the roof of the house:

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