Current political developments in spring 2012

The “Concordat of Western Switzerland on the cultivation and trade of hemp” wants to regulate the legal hemp sector more strictly. Thus, there is a reporting obligation for hemp cultivation in the joined cantons - and this explicitly for hemp that is not smoked. Those who grow less than five (legal, narcotic-free) hemp plants are exempt from this obligation to register. The whole thing is therefore a tightening of the situation in the legal hemp sector. The prohibited hemp is not affected by this and remains - prohibited.

In the direction of more efficient prosecution (standard fines instead of costly report) goes the order fine model (04.439). The National Council will deal with this issue as the first council on March 7, 2012. Then it will also become clearer what the details of this proposal will look like. Because these are crucial: a fine of 100 francs is something different from one over 50 or 200 francs. Whether the maximum amount should be 5, 10 or 20 grams also makes a difference. Depending upon it can come so quite to a tightening of the today's, cantonally and even after district very different, prosecution (fines are worse than warnings, which are quite in some areas the rule). Flag (majority and minority motions for NR discussion) see:

Documents from the Councils

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