Two new vaporizers in Legalize it! test

We are very pleased that the vaporizer technology is being further developed. Even if many “vaporizers” are not really vaporizers after all - there are definitely functioning, new devices on the market. We have put two vaporizers to the test.

The DragonVap

The technology was obviously copied from the Volcano (we reported about this device earlier). There are only a few differences: A button to turn on the heater (on the Volcano, this is connected to the power button) and the device “lies” while the Volcano stands. The DragonVap costs about half of the Volcano, but it doesn't look as sturdy either. The device is made in China, while the Volcano is made in Germany. Operation is very similar to the Volcano: let the device warm up, fill the filling chamber, put on the balloon, turn on the ventilation, fill the balloon with vapors, remove, put on the mouthpiece, inhale. In short: The device works. It can form good vapor. We set the digital display, which allows you to set the vaporization temperature, to 222° Celsius and measured it in two ways: First, the temperature of the air stream (graph 1); second, the temperature in the filled filling chamber (graph 2) while a balloon is being concretely filled. The temperature of the air stream is 195 to 200°, which is different from the 222° shown digitally, but the range in which the DragonVap can maintain the temperature is absolutely sufficient, as our graph 1 shows. The red line is the measurement series of the first sensor, the blue line is the measurement series of the second sensor. Both have been installed in the same place, but the measured temperatures differ from each other (even with measuring devices, you can never get absolutely the same measurement results). Even when measuring in the filled filling chamber in actual use, the DragonVap quickly arrives at a good temperature, as our graph 2 shows. We are still evaluating a longer test series to see whether the device also works well over a longer period of time.

The Iolite

The Iolite is a completely different device. Here the technology is really innovative. The Iolite is a small, portable, handy device that is easy to hold in one (!) hand. The heat is generated with normal lighter gas, but without combustion with flame, but with a catalytic reaction that releases the heat. At startup, the Iolite takes just under a minute to come up to operating temperature. Our graph 3 shows how the unit quickly heats up to over 200°. The blue readings at the bottom of the graph indicate when someone pulled the mouthpiece. That's because this device doesn't first create the vapor and store it in a balloon; instead, as someone inhales, the heated air is pulled through the mixture, where it releases the beloved active ingredient from the herb. Whenever someone draws, the temperature in the Iolite drops (so as the blue curve rises, the red one drops each time), but it manages quite reliably to keep heating and keep the temperature at about 180°. That seems a bit low, and you don't always notice anything when inhaling. However, individual puffs are quite effective every time you try. After switching off, the device “hisses” a little further and empties the intermediate storage for the gas. This may be a bit irritating at first, but you get used to the fact that it still needs some sort of “shutdown time”. The unit gets quite warm, but we never noticed any burning of the hand. So far, it seems to be stable and suitable for everyday use. Even if the device is not yet fully convincing (a longer test series is still in progress - we will report again), it must be said: For the first time, it has been possible to get up to 200° in a very small device - and that with a reliable protection against too much heat. We never had to observe a burn.

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