Smoking pot on train

A train ride from Bern to Zurich. I sit in the smoker, roll one and smoke on. While I am discussing with my companion, the smoke penetrates the smoker compartment and suddenly there is an outcry: “Are you actually still okay smoking a joint in the presence of a child!” A man looks over at us in anger, takes his child by the hand and leaves the smoking compartment, while I ask him, puzzled, “What's the problem?” But he doesn't want to be argued with and is gone.

Strange people there are. They take a child into the smoker, smoke cigarettes in front of the child, and are outraged when scents other than tobacco waft around. What does a child have to do in a smoker? Why does an adult smoke in the presence of his child? Where is the difference in the smoke of a joint and the smoke of a cigarette? Would smoking a joint also be cause for a freak-out?

I would have been happy to discuss these questions with the agitated gentleman. He preferred to just walk away in a huff. Smoking pot is already a scapegoat for many things. A lot of people can obviously get off on the fact that they don't smoke pot. They then no longer have to admit to themselves that they may also have addictions that are harmful to their health. No drug kills more people than cigarettes, and no other psychoactive substance causes more illnesses than tobacco smoke.

Sooner or later, children also have to deal with the fact that adults and even teenagers engage in unhealthy activities. Parents must certainly protect their children, but equally prepare them for the fact that there are very many drugs, that they are consumed by many, that they cause damage to health and that it is also allowed to say no.

But if you take your child to the smoker, smoke in front of them and then simply portray those who smoke pot as the bad guys, you are certainly not doing your child any favors.

This article dates back to the good old days when smoking pot on the train was almost undisturbed.

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