Editorial (LI84)

Again, a year of repression has been captured in numbers. The focus of Legalize it! 84 are the fixed penalties and reprimands from the police crime statistics 2018, which we comment on and present in graphics.

In addition, we bring the status of political initiatives.

Our hanflegal.ch with the info about our association and the pages about hemp and law has undergone an update in March 2019. The pages are now also well displayed on small screens.

The CannaTrade is already behind us. We were able to present our activities with nine active members, distribute sample numbers and factsheets, and have many, many consultations and conversations, to the point of hoarseness…. Many thanks to all who helped and to those who became new members!

Another big thank you goes to all the major donors. Without you I would have been finished at the end of May. But thanks to two donations of 2,000, some donations of three figures and many donations of two figures, I can continue to work. Once again, it took all of you: the small and the large transfers. I am very happy about this appreciation!

I wish you a sunny summer.

Hanfig greets Secretary Sven Schendekehl

Office remodeling info

So now things are getting underway: our stairwell and elevator will be renovated by the beginning of 2020. There will be some inconveniences in the process: WC in the courtyard, separate entrance through the basement. Therefore, we are not holding any member meetings in the office at the moment.

However, we will continue to work as usual, as best we can, during this time and are happy to arrange an individual meeting if needed.

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