From the Seki (LI79)

It was a busy year: switching the Legalize it! back to offset printing, submitting the initiative text to the Federal Chancellery, setting up the second position for the initiative project in the middle of the year, archiving many media reports, marveling at the CBD boom, and more.

We also welcome our first intern: Diego supports us since September in the area of the initiative, at least until summer 2018. Among other things, he is working on developing an argumentarium for hemp legalization in Switzerland.

The first board year with four members will soon be over. The enlargement of our governing body was urgently needed and has made some new things possible. We are glad that we could take this step.

We have published the invitation to our 2018 association meeting in Legalize it! 79 printed in the middle of the issue. Then we will be able to present our figures from a double-entry accounting system for the first time.

It was always tight financially - we could not have done it without the two large donation letters. Here a very heartfelt thank you for all large and small donations!

I have now started on the eleventh edition of our legal aid brochure and hope to complete it by March 2018.

Now I wish everyone a pleasant start into the new year.

Hanfig greets Secretary Sven Schendekehl

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