summary penalty orders 2019

summary penalty order from Jura

A rather high fine with rather low fees: 550 plus 119 francs for possession of about 55 grams of hash and weed for personal use. It took four months from being caught to receiving the summary penalty order.


Cessation of proceedings Zurich

In addition to hemp seeds, customs also repeatedly intercept weed or hash in envelopes. Here is a case in which the proceedings were dropped because the accused vigorously denied having ordered these narcotics. However he had to endure a one-hour police interrogation and afterwards still another house search over itself to suffer. Nothing was found, a lot of effort for: nothing.


Non-acceptance order Zurich

The hemp seed prosecution also affects innocent people. Here is an example of a person affected who had not ordered the seeds. Finally, the public prosecutor Zurich stopped the proceedings. However, the person concerned had to spend 1'600 francs for a lawyer…

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