summary penalty orders 2010

summary penalty order Zurich

Here, a blood test resulted in a fine for THC use.


summary penalty order Basel

A rare summary penalty order from Basel and a nice example that the quantity is not decisive whether it is a contravention or a misdemeanor. But only the question of the transfer. Since this did not exist here, it remained with a fine/contravention, even though the expenses are very high.


summary penalty order Horgen

Getting caught smoking pot in Horgen is really an expensive affair.


Disposition Zurich

And again a standard bus from Zurich.


Disposition Zurich

We know the amount by now…


summary penalty order Brugg

The canton of Aargau is Fr. 98.– cheaper compared to Zurich!


Disposition Zurich

The smoked joint was given to the police for destruction….

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