summary penalty orders 2008

Penalty Bernese Oberland

The cultivation of hemp is also punished… Such fines accumulate, of course, especially in the fall.


Disposition Zurich

The document is not really nice, admittedly. Neither from the quality of the copy, nor from the content: Because Zurich still fines with 258 francs, if someone is picked up for the first time with some THC-containing material. And this time it was only one joint that was involved. Even if it was smoked in front of the police. What a shame!

The actual fine is 100 francs, which is the same in other areas of Switzerland. But no one except Zurich manages to charge such high incidental costs.


Penalty Horgen

A horrendous fine: 588 francs! This makes Horgen one of the most expensive places to get caught with a joint.

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