Cannabis pilot testing ahead of implementation

As far as can be seen, there has been no referendum against the cannabis pilot trials. The date of entry into force is still open, concrete trial projects will probably be presented from 2021. What can these trials bring?

Cannabis pilot projects decided

The last difference between the National Council and the Council of States was resolved in September 2020: Organic hemp should only be used “if possible”. Both councils of our parliament voted in the final vote for this amendment to the Narcotics Law (NarcA) (NR 115:81:0, SR 37:5:2). So far, no one seems to have launched the referendum, despite the dedicated opposition in the National Council. The referendum deadline is January 14, 2021.

Entry into force still open

From then on, this amendment could come into force. However, the Federal Council still has to formulate the ordinance to this law. In it, the Federal Council will regulate the requirements for the trials in more detail. So far, only the draft for the consultation of 2018 is available. In addition, a guideline from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will probably be needed. The projects must be submitted to this office for approval. So it remains to be seen when the Federal Council will put the new rules into force. What is certain is that the ten-year period during which such trials may be carried out will expire, as this amendment to NarcA is limited in time.

Summary of the amendment

The adopted law defines the following cornerstones for the trials:

⇒ local, limited in time, limited in subject matter

⇒ scientific research into the recreational (non-medical) use of hemp from 1 % THC

⇒ health, youth, and public order and safety must be protected. and safety must be protected.

⇒ Swiss organic cannabis is to be preferred.

⇒ The FOPH can approve such trials, although the Federal Council must first fix the details in the ordinance.

What studies would be useful?

Now the question is who will develop which projects and submit them to the FOPH. For us important: the consumers must also have a say!

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