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This brochure contains the basics. We can clarify further questions in person, either by e-mail, by phone 079 581 90 44 or at a meeting by appointment. For our members such consultations are free of charge, non-members pay 70 francs per hour.


Shit happens , 10th edition, fall 2016. Publisher: Verein Legalize it!, Quellenstrasse 25, CH-8005 Zürich, Text and design: Sven Schendekehl. Figures/graphics and editing: Fabian Strodel. The detailed imprint with all contributors follows below.

For the tenth edition

In 1996, we published the first Shit happens. 20 years later now this 10th edition of our legal aid brochure. The prosecution of hemp has become more and more absurd and has increased from year to year: in the number of cases and in the amount of the penalties.
Nevertheless, repression has not been able to eradicate the phenomenon of smoking pot. Instead, it creates daily injustices and a black market with many negative consequences for the users as well as for the whole society: a market worth billions without safety, without quality and without transparency.

Legalize it!?

Yes, we have a right to smoke pot, to use one of the oldest medicines and stimulants: self-responsibly, without state paternalism. This right must now be built into the concrete legislation of all countries - a huge job.
Legalization in Switzerland is still a long way off. A working group of our association is in the process of building up the necessary foundations for a popular initiative on the subject. When it will be possible to find a majority for a legalization in Switzerland (with whatever regulations) is open.

End the prosecution!

Internationally, things don't look quite so obdurate: Colorado has pulled off proper legalization, Uruguay is getting started, and the U.S. will hold important votes in November 2016. Perhaps this will provide an impetus to end the wretched drug war in this country as well and develop something more meaningful. Legalization is feasible.

Our association

The association Legalize it! has been active for over 25 years. We have had various phases and have experienced a lot: from the beginning of the 1990s until today, in the fall of 2016. We have been able to publish ten legal aid brochures, countless legal consultations have been provided, 74 Legalize it! magazines have been printed, information events and member meetings have been organized and parties have been celebrated. All of this has been made possible by the active help of our members, their membership fees and donations. But one thing is clear: if we want to win, we need to increase our numbers and our financial strength.

Your support

If you have resources (time, money or know-how) that you would like to use for the goals of our association Legalize it! please send us an email or call 079 581 90 44, merci.

Imprint Shit happens 10

Cover page Shit happens 10 Shit happens, 10th edition, Fall 2016

Hemp, smoking pot, THC and the laws
to the prosecution of cannabis

Association Legalize it!
Quellenstrasse 25
8005 Zurich

Text and design
Sven Schendekehl

Figures/graphics and editing
Fabian Strodel

Many thanks to our helpers
Ruth, Fabian, Sh., Markus, Sandra, Rebecca, Priska

Many thanks to the donators
For the big and small contributions!

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