Principles for our Wiki

We would like as many interested people as possible to contribute to our wiki. All members are welcome to help with our wiki project. But we need certain rules. On the one hand for technical reasons, on the other hand for legal reasons. Here we want to put these basics together.

Our contents

In our wiki we only add our content (pictures, graphics, texts). Ours means that we have written the texts ourselves, photographed the pictures ourselves, created the graphics ourselves. Content from other sites (where we do not own the copyright) will be linked (external links).

Facsimiles (summary penalty orders, correspondences, etc.) we anonymize.

For articles that originate from a certain time, we add the approximate date of publication. The other articles should be quasi timeless, i.e. reflect the current state.

The layout

The following applies to layout: The content should be in the foreground. The layout should therefore be rather quiet.

The main title of a page is an H1 title. The subtitles of a page are (new) H2 titles. If subtitles are needed, they are H3 titles. Bold and italic should be used only for really special things. Links should be provided with a self-explanatory text (not a long http address for example).

Do not use umlauts for page names or image names. No spaces. Write everything in lower case.


The board is ultimately responsible for this wiki and its content. Therefore, we have to make the final decision. Be it about a disputed content, be it in layout-technical questions. But we gladly accept suggestions, wishes and other opinions. However, the following applies to us: Whoever helps a lot has more to say than someone who simply says: “we should…”, “we absolutely have to”, but then is not willing to put in concrete hours of work for the wiki.

Use of the images

An image in a text is 800 pixels wide and 1200 pixels long if it is a common portrait format. Otherwise the height is free, but the width should never be more than 800. The large images also have a frame.

A facsimile of an A4 page is optimally scanned at 800 pixels wide, grayscale at eight bits deep. Then the file must be transformed into a JPG. For colored images, the final result must be an RGB JPG.

Optimized for which screen size?

We want each page to be easy to read on both a cell phone screen and a desktop computer. Downwards the length of the page is unlimited. The table of contents can be turned off for short pages (it doesn't make sense there), but it should be left on for long pages (so even very long pages can be easily browsed).

More subwikis

Currently we have “only” two subwikis, the wiki THC&Law and one for our association Legalize it! Then there could be more thematic subwikis: Politics could be one; economy, culture, scene could be others.

The realization depends mainly on whether someone wants to deal with it in the long term.

Newly added since 2020 are the subwikis for French and English. We keep a list of special terms and their translations. We usually translate with Deepl, but also consult PONS and others. We translate in English (American). Please always do DE, EN, FR at the same time for updates, otherwise it becomes very confusing!

Last modified: 2024/03/27 08:56

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